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Launched in 2010, RÜCH by Ruchika Singh is a luxury brand of contemporary, yet classic apparel. Feminine styles, flattering fits and vivid colors define the aesthetic of the brand. Ruchika works exclusively with luxurious fabrics and pays great deal of attention to intricate patterns and fine craftsmanship.
The label emerged when designer and founder Ruchika realized her dream of creating unique and affordable cocktail dresses. Ruchika's creative style and talent in designing, comes from years of experience working with her mother, who has owned a boutique for nearly two decades. Her childhood was spent in a home where she was always sorrounded by luxurious fabrics, inspiring color hues and exclusive designs. Such an enviroment has influenced the aesthetic of her collections.
Ruchika believes that luxury should not be the privilege of a few but an experience for all. Her label, RÜCH, brings this affordable luxury to all women by maintaining the core elements of sophistication, simplicity and sensuality. Ruchika has successfully combined all these elements in her collection, to create dresses and separates that ensure comfort and elegance to any woman.
Ruchika, a former investment banker, a strategy consultant, and a trained fashion designer, manifests her creative talents in fine embroidery and painting on her designs. She draws her inspiration from natural phenomenon and classic novels and movies. When not designing, Ruchika loves to train for marathons, travel, spend time with her husband and watch movies. 
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